Monday, 22 October 2012

Documenting October part 3

details of my room in the pretty sunlight

i've got light running through my veins

i don't know what i can save you from

you keep running through my veins, you never tire. i keep on chasing you, knee-scraped, heart-bruised, barely catching my breath. at times you stop and rest your head on my soul and that’s when i know you miss me and my skin becomes all goosebumps and the knot in my throat dissolves into tears and i melt into the thought of holding you. 

‘all i ever wanted was to hold you…all i ever asked for was for you to let me…’

but you keep running and running ever more scared and i ache for you deep down to the marrow of my bones and to the tiniest vessels of my heart and i’m afraid that one day i will collapse and all the love i hold will flood my veins and drown you.

there's days like these when all i want is to do is wrap myself in all the blankets i own and  just stay in bed and forget about everything else...

slowly healing zebra bruised legs...(p.s.: bike accidents are not nice)

this is totally random, but i sort of like it although it was taken very quickly in between studying for finals.

what my day looked like and still looks like. add to this bon iver's coachella concert played over and over and over again and an unexpected study high which keeps me very motivated still. so i am only taking a break to post this now, but i will go back to studying for my exams in a minute.


  1. I love these posts, Codri. I love anything that is a clear documentation of life, whether it's a 365 or your 52-week photography journey, I just love it. I can't wait until a camera is back in my hands so I can do the same. :) <3

  2. wonderful, like always. I like this so much, it has such a strong personality.