Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A November day with Elfride

     Life can sometimes be a bummer. Especially when local transportation companies are involved. Me and my dear Elfride had planned a seaside escape for a while now, but due to the fact that her train had a delay of 2 and a half hours, we missed the connection with the train which would had taken us to the seaside.
      We were both sad, because we really wanted to see the sea together on a cold November day, but there was nothing we could do, so we could at least enjoy the time we had together until Elfie had to catch the train back to Cluj. So we wandered down the streets of Bucharest sharing stories along the way, admiring old buildings and taking photos in beautiful places.

We parted in the evening, after spending a wonderful afternoon in a very cosy pub, being thankful for the short time we had together and promising each other that we will go to the seaside together this winter no matter what. :)

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Documenting October

This year's documenting October project is slightly incomplete due to my lack of time/inspiration to photograph something everyday. There were some really boring days which involved mostly going to uni and wasting time over there which I didn't wish to capture, BUT there were also beautiful days spent with beautiful people or by myself which I enjoyed and which left me with warm memories.

On October 3rd I took myself out for breakfast. :) 

And on the 4th I enjoyed my morning at home, with coffee, waffles, sea treasures and the IKEA catalog. :)

On the 6th I spent the afternoon with a good friend, drinking tea and celebrating the fact that we got tickets for Ólafur Arnalds in November!

On the 7th, I was surprised with an early birthday present by a dear friend, which I unwrapped in bed, while drinking tea.

On the 8th I skipped class and went for a walk in the park instead, enjoying the warm autumn weather.

On the 9th, Cori was having a cosy brunch. :)

On the 10th I turned 22. I had beside me the warmest people with whom I went to a cosy tea house and enjoyed ourselves, talking and laughing and I felt like I belonged.

And they got me a ticket to Hurts for the next day and my lovely bonsai tree, Mathieu. :)

The Hurts concert on the 11th was one of the best concert experiences I've ever lived.

On the 19th, autumn was making the leaves dance in the park...

...and me and my roommates biked along the park alleys, while laughing and enjoying the warm autumn sun.

 The 20th was a chill day, perfect for strolling along lakes...

 ...and perfect for sunsets as well.

On the 21st I had a blast with my roommates at the Museum of The Romanian Village, a place where I felt like I was in a fairy tale, surrounded by golden leaves and beautiful traditional old houses.

On the 27th I baked apple cinnamon muffins, while at home.

On the 28th I woke up at 6am to see Robin and the Backstabbers live in a morning concert which has kept me on a natural high the entire day. I've never smiled so much in one day...ever!

On the 30th I was bored and home alone and this happened.

And on the 31st, October's last breath was one of the most beautiful and calming sunsets I've ever lived.

It was a good month. I don't think I've had such a peaceful October. One in which I didn't feel like all my insides were too mixed up than I could handle. Maybe it's the grown-up in me talking, but I feel like I've finally learned to accept some things and do my best to live with them and make my life beautiful nevertheless. It feels good. It really does. :)