Monday, 24 October 2011

Documenting October part 3

15.10.11. Cori, my roommate, drawing on our fridge. :)

16.10.11. Autumn and its fallen leaves.

17.10.11. Cold and windy autumn sunset. That night I had the fever.

18.10.11. I was and still am down with a really nasty cold.

19.10.11. Lazing about in bed with polka dotted socks, pretty IKEA bedding, writing quotes in my notebook and drinking hot tea.

20.10.11. Because the weather warmed up a bit I went to the park to read Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. On my way I found a pastry shop that had raspberry tart, and, as I had been craving raspberry for a couple of days, I got myself a delicious piece of tart. It was a good day. :)

21.10.11. Bucharest and its pretty sunny streets. Later in the evening I did the craziest thing I have ever done in my life.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Documenting October part 2

08.10.11. It was a wonderful day. I met with Vladi who came all the way from Timisoara and we had a great time, laughing and talking about all sort of things.

09.10.11. This day started out great. I went to the Morcheeba and Parov Stelar concert and it was pure awesomeness. I still get the chills when I think about it. :)

10.10.11. I turned 20! Although I was a little depressed the night before my birthday, I felt better during the day. My friends and colleagues from uni made me a surprise and came to my door unexpectedly with a cake, singing Happy Birthday. It was honestly the best birthday I ever had.

11.10.11. Pretty birthday presents I got: a t-shirt, macaroons from Paul (yum yum), photo album, agenda, pearl earrings, ivory flower brooch, tea pot necklace, the Morcheeba and Parov Stelar concert ticket, a book, tea, Starbucks cup, pretty tea mug, apple and blackcurrant jam, L'Occitane rose body lotion aaand a pretty jewelry set plus a bottle of wine I drank already :P and tons of candy. :D

 12.10.11. Sometimes I get the blues. The awful hurtful ones. I was in the most horrible mood ever.

13.10.11. 6 am in the morning, the moon was playing in the clouds.

14.10.11. A little reminder for the dark days. The graffiti writes: look at the sky.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Documenting October part 1

I decided to take a photo every day of October, hoping that maybe this will make me stop thinking about the fact that cold rainy days lay ahead and make me enjoy each day I'm living instead. So here are the photos from the first week. They are not that great, just snapshots of my daily life, really personal and true. :)

1.10.11. I went with my lovely Ioana to an event called Mic dejun de Bucuresti (Bucharest Breakfast) where we had some delicious cakes for our morning meal. :)

2.10.11. I dyed my hair red.

3.10.11. This was the day that uni started. Sunsets look awesome from my room. :)

4.10.11. Shitty web cam photo and reaaaaly tired face after a really tiring day.

5.10.11. Me and my room mates heart IKEA. :)

6.10.11. Pretty birds fly by every evening at sunset.

7.10.11. Afternoons on the hallway of my dorm.