Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Transfăgărășan, Bâlea Lac

Last weekend I went on a mini road trip to relax after finishing my exams. It was nice to get away from everything for a while and to breathe some fresh mountain air. When I was little I used to spend quite a lot of time of my summer holidays in the mountains, and I never realized how much I missed that until now. The photos don't do real justice of the beauty of these places, but they should give you an idea of how serene everything is up there.

Brave people paragliding :) 

 Bâlea Lac

  Bâlea Lac



 The Salvamont cabin

Transfăgărășan and my feet :)

 Myself, and the panorama from Bâlea

The Bâlea Lac cabin, where we stayed for the night 

 Bâlea Lac, rain, and a patch of snow :)

 Mountain path and mountain spring :) 

Transfăgărășan in the evening and me lying on the grass :) 

 View from where I lay on the grass

View from where I lay on the grass

Dad, wondering around

Watching the sunset on the porch of the cabin  

 View from the porch of the cabin

A lake we found when we climbed the top of the massive Șaua Caprei

Bâlea Lac and Transfăgărășan, seen from the top of the massive Șaua Caprei 

View from the top of the massive Șaua Caprei 

Tourists :) 

Back down, fog had taken over the lake

Fog, and tourists wondering around the lake

Bâlea Cabin, surrounded by fog

Me, on the porch of the cabin, before we left

View from the porch of the cabin, before we left 

Bâlea Waterfall 

Bâlea Waterfall

This was a rough selection of photos, but my weekend didn't end here, so there will be more soon. :)

Monday, 25 June 2012

Bits and pieces (or the life of the past few weeks in photos)

Part of my dorm room and my bed.

Cori, my roommate at a friend's birthday.

Nico, my other roommate, studying.

Inside jokes.

Cori, swinging on the balcony on Nico's (almost) birthday.

Nico and Andreea on Nico's 21st birthday.

Studying on the balcony and watching the sunset.

My neighborhood at 5am in the morning (studying for finals asks for desperate measures such as waking up at the crack of dawn).

Going out after our last final.

And as a retrospective of some of the lovely moments I spent with my roommates this year: IKEA shopping in the fall, seaside train ride in the spring, and girls night out in the summer.

My second year of college is over and it's quite unbelievable, honestly. So many things have  changed in the past couple of months and so many things will change as fall will approach and I can only pray that I will be strong enough to cope with everything and not let myself be overwhelmed by it all.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Unde ești?...Unde sunt?

Te-aş picta galben, ca o floare de mai
Ar fi trecătoare, dar tu ai să stai
Mai bine roşu, ca cerul târziu
Lung ca şi nopţile cu suflet pustiu

Te-aş face flori de câmp
Să fii şi verde şi albă
Ai fi şi fluturi mov
S-arăt cât mi-eşti de dragă

Dac-aş afla
Unde eşti
Te-aş face să iubeşti,
Te-aş face să iubeşti.

Ai fi albastru, ca cerul senin
Ai plânge ploaie cu un suspin
Stele şi nori de puf, ai face cu-un sărut

Dac-aş afla
Unde eşti
Te-aş face să iubeşti,
Te-aş face să zâmbeşti

Dac-aș afla
Unde ești
Te-aș face să zâmbești
Te-aș face să mă iubești...

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Reflections of a skyline

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, each wish resign'd.