Thursday, 1 November 2012

Documenting October part 4

the afternoon light brings ghosts to my room.

this day I had my first exam. a mean headache followed after.

the living dead

as time will go by, foreign kisses will wash away the traces of your fingers on my skin and my mouth will curve up in smiles that will not be yours. my shoulder will sloppily fit the curve of another troubled head as my side of the bed will slowly be emptied of myself for i'll no longer belong.
i hope she wipes away your tears when you look into her eyes but see mine instead and i hope she keeps your body warm at night when your soul wonders away into the darkness you love so, as you go looking for the remains of feelings you can no longer grasp, for you've killed and buried them deep down under the place where we first kissed.

having breakfast at 3am after sleeping only 2 hours and then having breakfast again, at 9am after being up and reading the entire night. studying for exams has never been more fun!

the afternoon, however, was more relaxing and the hot tea, my blanket, stroopwaffels and good company made up for the lack of social life of the past two weeks.

i have a weakness for sunsets and the way they bring up the most moving of emotions to my heart.

i went with my flatmate and some other friends from our building to the carrousels in the city center and it was such a lovely way to spend the evening. we laughed, we screamed, we saw a very lovely Amsterdam from a carrousel that spun us like crazy, we had delicious waffles and....

...we saw a really cool and quite scary Halloween parade! it was such a lovely night and i am thankful to have had the best people around. :)

highlights of a lovely Sunday spent at a nice clothes market, eating homemade stroopwaffles, drinking hot cocoa and browsing through nice handmade items along with my friends.

the quotes from the book in the down-right photo write: "if she loves you when you've got nothing, you've got everything" and "in darkness we share our secrets" :)

having classes till the late afternoon pays off with some nice views of the city :)

roads that run through me

the last day of October was so sunny and beautiful. golden leaves were flying and dancing all over, people were smiling and riding my bike in this nice atmosphere made me feel at ease, somehow.

and in the evening i became a cat. :)

this was the last day of my October. :)


  1. stroopwaffels are my favorite dutch dessert! autumn sounds very nice over there :)

  2. I especially like '30.10.2012'.
    It's very personal and the photo is just appropriate for the phrase.

  3. All these pictures make me want to shoot more digital. :')

    Sunsets are just beautiful. I totally agree that they truly bring up emotions.