Sunday, 14 October 2012

Documenting October part 2

exercising my cooking skills: roasted honey carrots with couscous and onions. yum yum!

the city adventures...

...and the cake baking adventures...

and the yummy outcomes (my dark chocolate and raspberry birthday cakes) which made me very proud!

the day I turned 21, I got to have beside me the warmest people whom I've come to call my container family (the building we live in is a former container so that's where the name comes from :P). I got to smile even though I was far away from home. I got to realize that although I'm getting older, I am also getting wiser, while my heart and soul still remain wild and restless and hungry for the purest feelings. I got to acknowledge that time has a way of deepening everything: pain, love, me they all become more intense as time goes by and they remind me of how lucky I am to have felt at all. I got to learn that the heart always senses what is meant to be, and that in the end, that will find a way to be...

...and I also got to see Lucy Rose live! And it was the best way to put an end to a very very nice birthday. She is the most genuine and lovely singer I've ever seen live and being at her gig, listening to her music with my eyes closed, made me feel so peaceful and...happy.

sunny and slightly warmer days are a very rare thing in Amsterdam, so when one comes about, as a rule, you must go outdoors to enjoy it before it starts raining again (thing which might happen from one minute to another, anyway). so I went out with my flatmate to Westerpark and enjoyed a really nice sunset in a very serene place.

there must be something about October 12th because last year it brought about the blues as well.

why I should be where you are

because I am not scared of anything anymore. because I know your monsters and I want them to know me too. sadness should not haunt you alone. so understand that you don't have to search anymore. reach inside of your darkness and pull me out. my soul is yours to keep.

maybe I should start calling Sunday flea market day. I was in the biggest flea market that takes place in the Netherlands. I have honestly never seen so many things in one place and for such little prices! however, I really hope that I will not come down with a cold after this because the weather was so bad and I literally froze. so now, I am praying that the tons of tea, the hot showers and the warm socks will keep me safe.

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