Sunday, 7 October 2012

Documenting October part 1

I started this whole documenting October thing last year and now, looking back at it, I thought I could make it an annual project. We'll see how that turns out. :)

why I am not where you are

because words have never been enough and never will be. because i need your eyes mirrored into the sadness of mine to let my heart speak in silence. then you’d understand everything, like you did on the first day when our ribs interlaced through clothes and flesh and snowflakes. but you built these walls so high, and I am miles away from your smile and I can’t steady my heart to beat into proper Morse code. so if you ever feel an earthquake, please know that it means ‘i love you’ and the aftermaths mean ‘i miss you’.

thoughts of a lonely mind, in the middle of the night. people should not be allowed to miss one another so much.

I walked around the city after school and found this really amazing English second hand bookshop in which I wondered for some time, being amazed at the selection of titles they had. I promised myself I will go back there one day and buy something.
From there, I walked to Central Station to take the bus home, as the sky looked more gloomy, and the rain started.

I spent the afternoon bundled up in my blanket, drinking tea and eating raspberry jam toast, reading for school and missing my friends back home to the moon and back.

The four stages of a very yummy vanilla black tea with milk...

...and the laziness of drinking it in bed on a very rainy morning.

Words that keep me sane on days when all I want to do is disappear.

This was a really cold, windy and rainy day, but I had to be in school to meet a girl who is conducting a psychological experiment in which I volunteered to take part. It was really interesting, and facing the rough weather for it proved to be worth it.
Later on, I went to Ikea, which turned out to be one of the saddest things I've ever done, since whenever I went there when I was back home I was with my roommates. All of a sudden, I missed everyone and everything.

Sunny days are really rare lately, but they bring the most beautiful light in my room when they come about, making it really hard to stop taking photos and to focus on studying.

Every first Sunday of each month, there is a market in Westerpark, very close to where I live. Last month I missed it, but today I went there and it was a really nice way to spend my Sunday afternoon. The atmosphere was amazing, there was music, delicious food and a lot of very nice things for sale. In all the craze, though, love found its way. :)


  1. Such lovelies pictures! I especially love the one with the books and the one with your skin ;)

  2. I know it seems lonely, but it's a great adventure. keep believing that and just live it to the full because once you're back you're gonna miss it like hell. take my word, it happend to me.

    1. ohh, stiu, doar ca uneori e prea coplesitor totul si nu stiu cum sa fac sa imi fie mai usor. of. :(

  3. love this journal post! you should do this more often :) and please post more pictures!! esti tare speciala Codrina, nu lasa tristetea sa te schimbe!

    1. am atat de multe poze, doar ca n-am avut timp sa ma ocup de ele cum trebuie, dar am sa mai postez, incet, incet.
      am vazut ca te-ai apucat de 365! abia astept sa vad ce iese! <3 *big warm hugs*

  4. such beautiful pictures. do post more pictures <3