Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bon Iver - 6th of November 2012

          Last week, my heart was moved in so many ways that cannot be put into words. I had the chance to see Bon Iver live and to be, for a couple of hours, completely immersed into the wonderful atmosphere that they create in their concerts. 
          I knew from when I found out that they are going to be playing in Amsterdam during my stay here that this was something I wanted to live alone. No friends, no acquaintances, I didn't want anyone coming with me. I didn't feel awkward, although I was surrounded by couples or people who came with friends. Everything felt just the way it should and I was anxious about it, in the way you are anxious about a first date with a beautiful-eyed boy: knee-weakened, my heart thumping and millions of goosebumps exploding under my skin.
          It always amazes me how music can wake up feelings deeply hidden inside your chest, how it can make you cry without even trying and how it can make you feel liberated and overwhelmed at the same time.  
          The love I have for Bon Iver, for their music, for the amazing person that Justin Vernon is, simply cannot be put into words. I don't know how, and I don't even want to explain how much this concert means to me, but I can say for sure that it was one of the most emotional and moving experiences in my life for which I am forever grateful.

patiently waiting for the concert to start

the band making the last preparations

Justin entering the stage (it felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest)

during Minnesota, WI

during Wash

during Woods

during Beth/Rest

          My favorite song from them which I really really wanted to record was The Wolves (part 1 and 2) but my memory card ran out of space because I recorded a lot so I only caught the first moments of it...somehow I think it was for the best that this happened because I lived it properly: eyes shut, mind clear, tears running down my cheeks. It was the perfect ending of a perfect evening.

full version, here:

saying goodbye


  1. this. 100 times this. this post sums up my feelings about their music and how it makes me feel. also I think its so amazing you went alone!

  2. I wanted to say great but the comment above says it all. :) I also think it's great you went alone. :)