Sunday, 7 April 2013

everyhting i can never tell you (III)


isn't it a pity that we live in this world, yet we don't know how to live at all? all these thoughts and worries burden and trouble us even at night, turning our dreams into nightmares, turning us into outcasts in a body that can do nothing but hold all of the monsters we grow inside of us.

i know how much you're fond of darkness, how it comforts and makes you believe you're safe there, but please, from time to time, open your eyes and see that you are more than what your monsters make you believe you are. though cracked and chipped and broken at your seams, you are still you, the one who swallowed me whole with a single blue gaze. the one whose rules i broke and never felt the least bit sorry for it. the one whose mouth i knew my name would sound safe in. for all of these and for many more, i whisper "i love you" into the wind every evening at sunset, hoping that one day my words will reach you like the echoes of a conch shell and then you will learn to love yourself, even if it's only the littlest bit of how much i do.

so listen. it's all around you. all you have to do is open yourself up. all you have to do, is listen.

yours, always,

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