Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Let the light in

you will meet only a few people in your whole life who are truly abandoned houses - rundown, worn out, collapsing at the seams. 

 i'm not asking you to take a hammer and nails and pin up their rafters, fix their leaky faucets or put new panes of glass in their broken windows;

 i am asking you to simply open their door, and spend a little time memorizing their floor plan. get to know them. 

and when the time comes, i want you to draw back their curtains, and, once and for all, 

let the light in.

text credit: writingsforwinter


  1. I love the dress, I love the pics!

  2. Abia am descoperit blogul tău. Sper să ai inspiraţie să postezi cât mai des căci îmi place ceea ce citesc şi ce văd pe aici.

    1. mulțumesc mult. și eu sper să am inspirație, căci apoi e mai ușor totul. :)