Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cluj Napoca in bits and pieces

I am really nostalgic about the days I spent in Cluj at the beginning of August when I went to see the lovely Ștefania and Elfride. The city is really beautiful and I had a great time walking through the streets, getting soaked by rain, laughing and enjoying every moment.
Oh, and please check Ștefania's blogpost about our adventures, here.

 I felt like I was in a novel, very early in the morning, on my way to Cluj. there's something surreal about watching the sunrise from the train.
after an 8 hour train ride, I finally arrived in Cluj. as I got there, taking the first steps though the streets, I was captivated by the beautiful old buildings in the center, and especially the central hotel...
...and the other beautiful buildings in the Unirii Square.
as I wondered through the almost empty streets with Ștefania, we came across a hauntingly beautiful empty café
and some amazing old houses from a beautiful neighborhood.
towards the end of our walk, we returned to the city center, where we encountered more beautiful buildings...
...and ended our first day by watching the sunset in the square in front of the beautiful Cathedral and talking about our dreams. :)

in the morning of the second day, I walked around the city and came across the very bohemian Bistro Viena...

and then across some beautiful doors with which I have a little obsession to photograph... well as I do with balconies and windows. :)
back in the city center, as I went to meet my friends, the old buildings were looking their best soaked in the warm sun...
but we left them behind as we headed for the cemetery, Elfride's favorite place in the creepy as it may sound :)...
and I must admit that I loved it too! it had a mysterious and mesmerizing feel to it, with all the beautiful arcades and sumptuous architecture.
 however, the rain chased us to seek shelter into this beautiful old building with the coolest staircase and an even cooler elevator...
...and some pretty interior court views. :)
 after the rain drenched everything in shiny droplets...

we headed to the park...
and on our way, came across another beautiful house which belonged to Elfride's piano teacher's family.

to put an end to our second day, we went to the beautiful lake Tarnița, which is about half an hour away from Cluj. we soaked our feet in the water and fed the fish that were swimming close to us and wished we had brought our bathing suits with us. :)
on the third day we went to the botanical garden in the morning...
 and then rain soaked us again, but we sheltered in Bistro Viena, eating cheesecake and drinking tea...
 after the rain, the city looked so much more beautiful...

and the sun kissed the streets and the buildings as it set, bringing the end of the third day of our adventures.

I honestly had the hardest time choosing the photos to put here, because I love them all, and looking at them never ceases to bring back to me a small part of the serenity I felt then and remind me of the whimsical beauty of Cluj. :)

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  1. ce ciudat e sa locuiesti intr-un oras si sa-i vezi frumusetile doar in poze


    1. știu, de multe ori nu ne bucuram de frumosul din jurul nostru, pentru că suntem obișnuiți să îl vedem în fiecare zi și ajunge să ni se pară banal. dar e frumos să-ți deschizi ochii și să redescoperi. :)
      mă bucur că ți-au plăcut pozele. :)

  2. Imi place cum reusesti sa creezi o mica poveste din pozele tale..Parca prind viata cand te uiti la ele. Asta e un lucru pe care trebuie sa il invat de la tine >:D<

    1. Povestea e deja acolo, eu doar o ajut sa iasa la lumina aranjand in asa fel pozele si adaugand pe ici pe colo cateva cuvinte. :)

  3. cat am asteptat postul..tot dadeam f5,f5,f5..of, imi doresc foarte mult sa castigi!


    1. of, am verificat dupa ce am postat si deja desemnasera castigatorii in timpul zilei, desi termenul era pana pe 5 ianuarie si normal ar fi fost sa astepte pana la finalul zilei...
      m-am uitat si la castigatori si imi pare ca au pus mai mult accentul pe textul scris, decat pe poze...iiiiin fine, n-a fost sa fie.