Monday, 25 June 2012

Bits and pieces (or the life of the past few weeks in photos)

Part of my dorm room and my bed.

Cori, my roommate at a friend's birthday.

Nico, my other roommate, studying.

Inside jokes.

Cori, swinging on the balcony on Nico's (almost) birthday.

Nico and Andreea on Nico's 21st birthday.

Studying on the balcony and watching the sunset.

My neighborhood at 5am in the morning (studying for finals asks for desperate measures such as waking up at the crack of dawn).

Going out after our last final.

And as a retrospective of some of the lovely moments I spent with my roommates this year: IKEA shopping in the fall, seaside train ride in the spring, and girls night out in the summer.

My second year of college is over and it's quite unbelievable, honestly. So many things have  changed in the past couple of months and so many things will change as fall will approach and I can only pray that I will be strong enough to cope with everything and not let myself be overwhelmed by it all.

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