Friday, 20 April 2012

Home, part II

Summing up my week in a couple of photos. The weather was awful, it rained a lot and all I did was staying in bed, drinking tea, reading/writing and thinking, a lot. To take my mind off things I took long baths, baked and cooked with my mum. It helped, only for a little while, then it went back to the same old things that grind me up and don't let me sleep at night, making me an insomniac for a couple of days now. Oh well.


  1. ce jurnal unde este? :D

    1. E primit cadou de la o prietena care l-a cumparat din Anglia, de la un magazin care se cheama Paperchase ( Au lucruri foarte dragute acolo. :)

      p.s.: cine esti? :)