Saturday, 5 November 2011

Documenting October part 4

 22.10.11. The center of Timișoara, in the morning, after I was on a train for 9 hours, just to see a friend.

23.10.11. The bed in the hotel I stayed in while I was there.

24.10.11. Tired after the long train ride back to Bucharest, but with a lot of memories stored safely in my soul.

25.10.11. Pretty autumn sunset which made me smile.

26.10.11. I really wish I was a bird sometimes. I believe they are the only ones who know what absolute freedom is. And all my wild heart desires is freedom.

27.10.11. In my darkness I found light.

28.10.11. Lazy afternoons get me every time. 

29.10.11. I never get tired of wondering around the Old City. I am always fascinated by the dusty streets, the old buildings and their hidden secrets.

30.10.11. Unirii Square, seen from the elevator. :)

31.10.11. Reminders of what I have gained, of silly hopes and childish dreams. This was the last day of my October.


  1. graet fotos and a cute blog :)
    i would be very happy if you could take a look at mine too :)