Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Documenting October part 2

08.10.11. It was a wonderful day. I met with Vladi who came all the way from Timisoara and we had a great time, laughing and talking about all sort of things.

09.10.11. This day started out great. I went to the Morcheeba and Parov Stelar concert and it was pure awesomeness. I still get the chills when I think about it. :)

10.10.11. I turned 20! Although I was a little depressed the night before my birthday, I felt better during the day. My friends and colleagues from uni made me a surprise and came to my door unexpectedly with a cake, singing Happy Birthday. It was honestly the best birthday I ever had.

11.10.11. Pretty birthday presents I got: a t-shirt, macaroons from Paul (yum yum), photo album, agenda, pearl earrings, ivory flower brooch, tea pot necklace, the Morcheeba and Parov Stelar concert ticket, a book, tea, Starbucks cup, pretty tea mug, apple and blackcurrant jam, L'Occitane rose body lotion aaand a pretty jewelry set plus a bottle of wine I drank already :P and tons of candy. :D

 12.10.11. Sometimes I get the blues. The awful hurtful ones. I was in the most horrible mood ever.

13.10.11. 6 am in the morning, the moon was playing in the clouds.

14.10.11. A little reminder for the dark days. The graffiti writes: look at the sky.

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